Jual Proceq GS8000 Utility GPR#081289854242

The Proceq GS8000 is a light weight and easy to use Ground Penetrating Radar device for utility location. The equipment produces high resolution scans using a stepped frequency antenna which covers a frequency range of 40 MHz to 3.4 GHz.

The Proceq GS8000 utility scanner offers superior clarity of data and improved depth penetration, thanks to the unique stepped frequency antenna. It is optimized for closely-spaced and deep targets alike.

GPR scans are saved within the Proceq GPR Application on the Apple iPad. For Proceq GPR Live Pro users, all data is saved on the cloud and linked to their user account. This enables post processing and review of data from any Apple iPad the user signs into.

Application and Data

Connect the probe to your iPad and enjoy the rich features Proceq GPR Live app. With visualization, sharing, collaboration and reporting on-the-go, both in 3D and in Augmented Reality.

System Features

Flexibility for all applications:

Utility strike prevention
Subsurface utility engineering
Asset inspection – bridges, asphalt
Geophysical investigations

More Benefits:

Unmatched productivity through user-centric inspection ergonomics and digital workflow
Measuring principle: Stepped-Frequency Continuous-Wave GPR
Frequency range: 40 – 3440 MHz (modulated)
Penetration Depth: Up to 10m
Scan rate: Up to 100 scans/m
Acquisition speed: Up to 80 km/h at 50 mm scan interval
Battery: 8x C-battery pack, USB power bank slot, full working day autonomy
Dimensions: 61 x 57 x 38 cm
Weight: 23 kg

GPS: MA8000 (Included)

MA8000Multiband GNSS
Typ. 1-5cm accuracy
SSR augmentation

Nusatama Store
GPS,Alat Survey,Alat Geologi,Telepon Satelit, Perahu Karet
Jl.H.Sapri No.32 Pondok Aren
Tangerang Selatan – 15224

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