Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

We drink breakfast smoothies most of the year around. Even if you don’t have frozen fruit you can still generate healthful shakes for breakfast or maybe any other time of day.

Breakfast smoothies are a great method to start the day time however I find that if they are a fresh fruit smoothie, I am hungry within an hour, therefore I like to add some protein to the breakfast smoothies of mine. With a number of tweaks to the typical smoothie, you are able to have a hearty and healthy breakfast in minutes.

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A note about protein. It’s best to start the day with an awesome protein. I typically have 2 organic eggs in addition to a a breakfast smoothie. People generally underestimate the amount of protein they really need to maintain the energy of theirs and well being.

Our Favorite (Healthy!) Breakfast Smoothie Recipes:

These’re quick and nutritious with a good helping of protein also. If you tend to skip breakfast since you are busy (ahem…a big no no!) then you will love just how easy these recipes are.

Almond Boost

1-2 cups rice or alpilean reviews amazon (mouse click the following internet site) even almond mild – make sure they’re non-GMO and organic.

1/2 banana

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